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Marbled Palette artist and owner


   Since I was a little girl I have had a passion for art.

My family supported me as a young girl,

recognizing my interest, and providing me the

opportunity to take drawing and painting

lessons from various well known artists within

our community. During my college years I

attended the Academy of Fine Arts and

graduated with a bachelor's degree in painting.

At that point, having had the chance to work

with children in my teenage years, feeling the

joy and happiness they brought into my life, I

knew right away I would like to be working with

children in the future.


    This realization propelled me to major in early

childhood education so I can gain further

knowledge and skills to work professionally with children and families. Later, I began teaching art to preschoolers and kindergarteners.


   Every once in a while, I would organize face painting for children in our program, on special occasions. There I witnessed how face painting helped children enhance their imagination and creativity. They would choose a character to become, and through the magic a face painting would make that imagination reality in a sense. At that point they would surf their own imaginative ocean, taking on different roles to play.


    Enjoying the process of face painting myself, and of course experiencing the enjoyment of watching the children's excitement, was truly rewarding for me. The passion I developed for face painting was an extension of my greater passion for the arts in general.


  I’ve noticed children eagerly participate in craft projects as well. In my experience art activities keep children engaged and they always seem so pleased to create their own unique artwork.


    I've found children also fascinated with dramatic play, where they can try on different personas and create scenarios to play out. They even get more excited and appreciative when adults dress up in different costumes to become a new character and play along with them.


    I would be delighted to bring the same feelings to your home and help your children create and experience these unforgettable memories.



    Edna Bazikian

© 2015 by Marbled Palette

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